Enquire about the Landini Technofarm


The new series Technofarm STD and GT, with all-wheel and rear-wheel drive, is presented visually redesigned. The tilting hood with integrated rectangular headlights has been redesigned in a nice simple design that adapts to the style of all Landini specialized tractors. Both models are powered by the new Perkins 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine of the series 1104D (Tier 3) with 74 PS / ISO driven. Specially designed for use in agriculture, this new engine ensures excellent performance and efficiency. The Technofarm STD is thanks to its excellent power / weight ratio, especially for field work and for PTO and transport applications suitable while the GT version is ideal for use in row crops by its narrow track and its extremely small turning radius. This tractor series offers efficient, cost-effective solutions and is designed to guarantee a perfect combination of robustness and reliability.

The perkins engines of the latest generation include two models: the 1103d-33ta, a 3-cylinder turbo engine with charge-air cooling, the guaranteed 68 ps, and the 1104D-44, a 4-cylinder engine with 74 ps. The new engines are environmentally friendly and comply with the requirements of the emission standard animal 3. these engines offer sophisticated solutions, the fuel-air-mixture optimize, thus improving combustion and engine efficiency that. be high power and torque levels achieved at low operating costs. the tiltable bonnet facilitates access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.


The basic transmission offers 12 forward – 12 reverse speeds and can be optionally equipped with a underdrive of the 24 forward – enables and 24 reverse gears. The underdrive allows a wide range of speeds to be achieved, from a minimum speed of 470 m / h up to a maximum speed of 38 km / h. The gearshift lever the driver’s right, the left arranged shuttle lever and the lever for switching of speeds and speed ranges are ergonomic and intuitive arranged for maximum driving comfort.

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